Sunday School Valentines for Kids – FREE Printable PDFs

Download and print these brand new Sunday School Valentines for kids! I’ve included 8 individual graphics you can right click to save, as well as printable PDF sheets for both sets. One set is funny and one set is cute…there are 8 total. Print these for all your kids to give out at school.

Sunday School Valentines Set #1

Christian Valentine's for 2022

Sunday School Valentines – Set #2

1. Tik Tok

“Jesus Loves You More Than You Love TikTok”

Tik Tok Sunday School Valentine

2. Follow Your Heart?

“Just follow your heart? False. The heart is deceitful above all things. Follow Jesus.” P.S. I just read Live No Lies by John Mark Comer and loved it…very timely.

John Mark Comer Sunday School Valentine

3. Friends Forever

“Friends are friends forever, if the Lord’s the Lord of the them. – Michael W. Smith.”

Michael W. Smith Sunday School Valentine

4. Side Hug

“Keep Calm and Side Hug On!”

Side Hug Sunday School Valentine

5. God Is Love

“God is Love”

God is Love Sunday School Valentine

6. Jesus Loves You

“Jesus Loves You and So Do I”

7. Sweet Friend

“I’m so glad God gave me a sweet friend like you!”

8. Love of Jesus

“The love of Jesus is sweeter than candy”

I always loved Valentine’s Day as a kid because it was the one day I got TONS of mail from everyone. Growing up, I don’t remember getting Christian themed Valentines from my friends, so I wanted to make these…print these sheets and give each of your kiddos at church a stack so they have some to give out to their friends.

Here’s some excellent Valentine’s Day Sunday School lessons and crafts for kids from my friend Tony at

And, I really like these two YouTube videos below. Your kids might like them, too.

Fun Valentine’s Day Facts for Kids

Snoopy Be My Valentine Video

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