22 Reasons Jesus Might Really Return in 2022

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Bob Russell, one of the greatest Christian preachers living today, once said “Christians can’t even agree on wanting Christ to return.” First things first…we should all be in agreement that we want Jesus to return. Second, this isn’t a prediction. I’ve grown to really dislike wacky conspiracy and prophecy kayfabe. At first, it can be … Read more

Is Haiti a Lost Cause? A Former Missionary Shares 5 Truths You Won’t Hear From Anyone Else

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Every time Haiti makes the news my friends ask me without fail:  “Is Haiti a lost cause? Why do things seem to always get worse down there?” Those are hard answers to find. Missionary types have a vested interest in how they respond. Ditto for aid groups raising support. Imaginative preachers share stories of satanic … Read more