Kids Worship Songs for 2022 – 12 NEW Lyric Videos

These are 12 brand new kids worship songs for 2022. All 12 have lyric videos that can be viewed below on YouTube or purchased from WorshipHouseKids to be used in your Children’s Ministry.

1. Undignified (2022 Version)

David Crowder’s ‘Undignified’ song is one of my all-time favorite kids worship songs. It wasn’t available as a kids worship video download, so I decided to make an updated version that could be downloaded. Enjoy!

2. Jesus Is Sweeter Than Candy

This song uses candy bars to help kids understand why we worship Jesus. It’s sure to be one of your favorite kids worship songs for the next 10 years!

3. God Is Good

This song is so upbeat and fun…I love it.

4. Shine Your Light

I love the lyrics video for this kids worship song. It’s fun and colorful. And, the song is great. I’m imagining giving kids flash lights and turning out the lines to create an epic worship experience.

5. Ready Set Go

This one is high energy and fun.

6. Light It Up

This is another song that would be great with flashlights.

7. Here We Go


8. Loud

Sometimes it’s quiet…and sometimes it’s loud!

9. World Go Round (Kids Worship Song)

You make the world go round, the world go round!

10. Colors of God (Kids Worship Song)

I get kids choir worship vibes with this song and love it.

11. Easter Is Awesome (Easter Rap)

Finally, an Easter rap song for kids.

12. Children’s Ministry Theme Song

The new theme song for your Children’s Ministry is finally here.

Download These Kids Worship Songs

Download ALL of these kids worship songs to use in your Children’s Ministry on WorshipHouseKids. Thanks for helping support our efforts to make new kids worship songs.

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