Flashlight Sunday School Lesson – The Bible Lights Our Path (Psalm 119:130)

Title: Light It Up!

Big Idea: The Bible lights our path. It gives light to our mind and direction to our lives. 

Bible Reference: The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. (Psalm 119:130)

Object Needed: Flashlight

Flashlight Sunday School Lesson – God’s Word Brings Light

Most of you have probably seen one of these before. Can anyone tell me what this is? Who has ever used a flashlight before? You most likely needed to use one in the dark right?

You can find a flashlight just about anywhere. A family who loves to camp on the weekend would probably make sure to pack one in their backpack. A lot of different people need it for the work that they do. Professions such as investigators, police officers, engineers, or security guards are just a few who may use them daily.

The one thing that all those flashlight users have in common is that they need illumination. What is illumination? It is bringing light to an area that was once dark. It is to brighten with light or to enlighten spiritually or mentally. 

When we use a flashlight to illuminate our surroundings it helps us see where we’re going, and keeps us from stumbling over objects that could hurt us.

So, how does God use illumination in our lives? 

Psalm 119:130 says “The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.”

God’s flashlight to us in a dark and unknown world is the Bible. 

There is a reason that God’s word is linked to being a light. It is God’s way of bringing understanding to our once darkened minds and helping us see the world, God, about ourselves in the right light. 

Simply put, the word gives us guidance and understanding of the issues that we face in life. 

The word does not only give us knowledge, it also calls us to action. It shines a light on what sin is but also lights up a way for us to avoid or fight that sin. It doesn’t just illuminate the obstacles in front of us, it shows us the way out.

The Bible is not only for our information but for our transformation. That means that it is meant to change us, not only to teach us.

Just like a flashlight, we have to turn it on for it to be useful. The same applies to the Bible. We have to get into God’s word so that His word can get into us. That is when He gives us understanding and shows us the way to go in a world that can sometimes be confusing and misleading.

Light It Up – Kids Worship Song

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